Number One

Hi there – my name is Kat and I’m currently finishing up my baking and pastry certificate at Kendall College in Chicago.  I’m in my fourth quarter, and the reason I decided to start doing this was because I’m officially done with my baking courses, and without doing this blog, I will no longer be baking (which is so sad!).

I personally LOVE to bake – I’m a perfectionist in so many ways (unfortunately) so baking is perfect for me – I have to be exact in measurements, exact in prep, and as exact as possible in decorations.  For some reason, even though baking can be a little stressful for some, it’s kind of calming for me – just taking my time to make sure the recipes come out the way I hope they will!

So here we go – I get to go ahead with new recipes that I find to try and modify as I go!


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