Purse “Cake”

No baking for me this week – it’s starting to get into finals, and unfortunately my priority needs to be on making my beautiful gum paste hydrangeas over baking for pleasure.

For the last two weeks in my advanced cake decorating class we have been working on making a purse “cake”.  It’s not a cake because they’re made entirely out of fondant (the final purse was around the size of my hand).  We had several choices for a cake to do, but I decided to look up something a little different to do.  This was my inspiration purse:

It wasn’t something I would able to replicate exactly (and I knew that going in), but I decided to try my hardest with this one!  Along with the purse, we had to create some accessories, so I decided to do the classic lipstick, then decided to make a little Blackberry and a set of sunglasses to go along with it.

I had some problems making the handle for this purse – when I was trying to attach it to the actual purse, the gold wrap started to snap off, being a bit too delicate (and I guess not attached as well as I had hoped).  But after a few near-head-explosions on my part, I think it turned out well enough (or as well as it could under the circumstances)


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